Posted by: wrha | October 26, 2013

Stirling Signals

Another major day up the hill at Whitrope, with the arrival of a number of signals donated to the society as a result of the Stirling re-signalling scheme. The society is most grateful to Network Rail for donating the signals and to Alastair Connell for all his hard work in ensuring that the society were able to receive them. A great deal of behind the scenes work goes on to ensure that operations like this run smoothly, so thanks to everyone for all their efforts.

The signals arrived this morning via Newcastleton, and were quickly unloaded on site. A much smoother operation than the horrendous condition of Friday when the signals were collected from Stirling. A note of thanks here to Mike from Cumbria Lift ‘n’ Shift Ltd for all his help in the actual transportation of the signals. The signals will now be stripped down, repaired and repainted. They will then be planted at various points on the railway to allow full semaphore signalling control of all movements on the railway. This will be a time-consuming and labour intensive job, so any offers of help would be greatly received.

Elsewhere on site today Rod and Davie maintained their battle with the Fowler under-frames, with a number of small jobs completed. Ian and Peter continued to progress the strip out of the kitchen in the MkI buffet. Whilst Tom was able to apply top coat to one side of the frames on the Ruston, much improving her appearance. The area around the level crossing was cleared of the last of the scrap sleepers, a heavy and thankless task. The Ruston was then ran over the newly relaid level crossing and it is pleasing to report that the permanent way team’s work was up to its usual high standards and the crossing is now usable in both the up and down directions.

Another busy day with plenty of volunteers on site allowing a large number of tasks to be undertaken, thanks everyone.



  1. Great stuff men. Feels like we’re really moving now.


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