Posted by: wrha | October 20, 2013

October Works Weekend

The last major permanent way task of the year saw a three-day weekend possession of the level crossing. The aim of the three days being to remove the crossing surface timbers, remove the rails and lift the old wooden sleepers. The crossing was then to be relayed with concrete sleepers and a chipping surface laid.

Friday saw all the timbers lifted, the rails removed and the old wooden sleepers removed. A start was made on laying the concrete sleepers with about half laid by the end of Friday.

Saturday saw the rest of the concrete sleepers laid and the rails replaced and clipped up, ensuring the rail-head heights aligned with the crossing. Finally the ballast and aggregate was laid and a start made on compacting the materials down. By the end of Saturday the job was basically complete although the area needs a little more compacting, but unfortunately the compactor decided it had done enough, so that will have to wait for some repairs before it can be completed. The crossing though was complete and ready for road traffic. A very weary but content pw team headed for home.

Sunday saw the area around the level crossing tidied up a little more.

Elsewhere on site more work was done on the Fowler whilst Bill and Alan began to take the exhibits down to prepare the exhibition coach for winter. Joe was up and working away on various drainage projects.

Overall a very busy few days which means that both running lines have been relaid through the crossing this year.

A couple more images from the weekend have been added courtesy of Dave Shell



  1. Once again: good work everyone – It’s very pleasing to see the momentum kept up.

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