Posted by: wrha | October 13, 2013

Little shunt

The main job of the weekend was to move the stock around to allow the Northumbria Rail MkI workshop coach to be stored in the run-round loop for the winter. This involved clearing all the stock out of the platform and freeing up the road so the Ruston could collect the coach and place it in the run-round. All sounds fairly straight forward, but with the limited track work and motive power available it all takes a bit of working out. The job took all of Saturday and a couple of moves first thing Sunday to complete.

Other tasks undertaken during the weekend included Peter doing some more work on the drains for the bay platform and Tom tackling more of the paintwork on the Ruston, until it was whisked away for the shunt.

On the Sunday Davie was up after his antipodean adventure, renewing his battle with the Fowler under-frame. This saw one air tank replaced on the painted side and the small air tank removed on the side currently being stripped back.

Thanks to all that helped over the weekend, especially Craig’s family whose quick trip up to Whitrope lasted slightly longer than planned.


  1. Well done to all who took part.


  2. Well done, and thank you team!

  3. Why does all this happen when I’m away playing trams?

    Great photo’s

    Ian C

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