Posted by: wrha | October 1, 2013

Late September at Whitrope

A beautiful weekend weather-wise up at Whitrope with constant sunshine and very pleasant temperatures. A very busy weekend with a large number of different jobs on the go.

The bay platform wall is now almost complete with just the final course of dressing bricks to go on top. Thanks to Jim and Baz who have put in the hours to see this project to fruition. It is great to see the last part of the platform coming together.

The other big job of the weekend was carried out by Tony and his mini-digger. The drain along the bay platform was dug out and some of the embankment cut back. The spoil from this exercise providing some materials to back fill the platform. Further work was carried out on the drains on Sunday and we now have a good drain line from the bay platform down to bridge 199. This should hopefully help keep the bottom of the bay drier through the winter so we can get on with the bay platform works next Spring.

Whilst those works were carrying on a separate team was working on the track over bridge 200. This involved further alignment of the track and shovelling lots of ballast. A job made slightly easier on the Sunday as we had the use of Tony’s mini-digger once he had finished the drainage works. The track is now ballasted across bridge 200 and a couple of panels the other side. The track will need final tamping and aligning but already looks much improved.

Roy Vernon was also on site so the railbus spent both Saturday and Sunday running up and down the line, undertaking driver training runs.

Ian Crooks is progressing with the work inside the MkI buffet and Rod was up doing more work on the paintwork on the Fowler cab.

Alan and Bill were on site as always looking after our visitors, obviously brought out by the pleasant Whitrope sunshine!

The weekend also saw the chance to have a look at the latest stock arrival. Northumbria Rail’s Mk1 coach that is to be used as a workshop.

Joe is also progressing a number of jobs and the fencing continues to advance apace.

As always a big thank you to all the volunteers, your efforts continue to push all the projects forward.


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