Posted by: wrha | September 15, 2013

Mid September works update

A day of steady progress up at Whitrope on Saturday.

The bay platform wall continues to progress and is now up to full height for most of its length; this should be completed by the end of the month if the weather stays reasonable.

Further work also took place on the trackwork over the bridge with more packing done.

The track is now starting to look the part and the big dip that has been present is fast disappearing. One of the Bances is now back up and running so the opportunity was taken to grease the fishplates on the trackwork over bridge 200 to the end of the line.

The Fowler received a number of coats of paint with the underframe, the cab roof and the side of the cab all having paint applied. Further work was also carried out in the exhibition coach.

Rod painting the Fowler

Rod painting the Fowler


Progress on the bay platform wall


Jim and Andy carrying out fishplate greasing


The trackwork over the bridge looking much tidier without the big dip.


The ever deminishing woodland opposite Whitrope siding.



  1. Great progress men, well done to all. Congratulations.


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