Posted by: wrha | September 9, 2013

August / September works weekend

A busy works weekend with a number of projects underway.  A pleasant weekend weather-wise with reasonable temperature and no rain.

Further progress was made on the bay platform wall, with Baz and Jim doing most of the work in this area. The wall is now taking shape well and a couple more sessions and the block-work will be complete.

Work progressed on the track-work over the bridge and on the end track panels laid out last month. The sleepers were laid out across the bridge and clipped up. The track-work is now joined up all the way to the beginning of the cutting. A delivery of ballast arrived on the Friday so we also made a start on lifting and packing some of the track. This focused on the two end panels, as we are expecting the delivery of Northumbria Rail’s MkI workshop coach during September.  Work on the track will continue over the next few months to bring this section of track up to running condition.

The rails that have been stored at the end of the bay platform area were moved and are now stored on the running line just out of the platform. This will allow further work on the bay platform area over the next few months, with a view to attempting to complete the bay platform area project next year.

A start has also been made on the internal refit of the MkI buffet coach. Ian and Alan have made a start on removing some of the seats and tables from the coach so an estimate can be made as to the cost implications of the re-fit. The plan is to use the coach as a refreshment coach for visitors and it will be located in the bay platform along with the exhibition coach.

Overall some good progress was achieved over the weekend. Thanks to all the volunteers whose efforts continue to push the various projects forwards.



  1. More brilliant news

    • Always a little bit going on Geoff 🙂 Constant progress. Hopefully next year will be even better.

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