Posted by: wrha | July 15, 2013

July Work Weekend

A rather hot three days which saw a huge volume of work delivered on the project…..

“Big Shunt” is complete, with the Fowler, Mark 1 EMU buffet car and the former Virgin- liveried BSO now safely ensconced in the Stock Siding as planned. The blue and grey RFO assumes the mantle of front line catering vehicle, being coupled to the exhibition coach and affording direct access once again from the platform. Both the wee Ruston and the new crossover performed faultlessly.

We were very generously donated a three lever ground frame, and this was collected and delivered to site on Saturday morning courtesy of Mike at Cumbria Lift N Shift and his HIAB equipped flat bed lorry. The frame now sits on the Up side alongside the crossover, and a start has been made digging- in the rodding stools and crank benches which will ultimately connect everything up. The HIAB was used to tidy away leftover lengths of rail and surplus sleepers from the crossover works as well as dropping off sufficient concrete sleepers for future relaying through the Down side of the level crossing.

At the south end of the site, we used the HIAB to lay out a further two lengths of sleepers and rails, taking track right up to the limit of our current lease. Sleeper spacing and clipping- up will follow in August or September. Yet more concrete sleepers were moved into place for future installation on the Golden Bridge.

Up at the station, the Tony C’s mini- digger was fully employed excavating the strip foundation for the missing (curved) section of bay platform wall plus a rather big hole (duck pond??) which will serve as the foundation for the tubular post bracket signal ex- Dunblane.



  1. I think I know where there is a “Crank” on the old Bilston line, might need a good dunt to remove it, if it is still there.

  2. Great to see the progress made by your merry band of volunteers. I look forward to reading about further progress next month.

  3. Just a pity the clegs and midges where not employed elsewhere, like Siberia !

  4. Great job, men. Sorry I wasn’t there.


  5. Progress continues apace – lets keeps it up…

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