Posted by: wrha | May 18, 2013

Fowler Update

Duncan writes:

“A couple of photos after Thursday’s and Saturday’s work on the engine. The new cylinder liner is in and intial testing looks like we have a good, watertight seal. We won’t really be able to say 100% until we get it rebuilt and run- up, but it looks really positive. We started stripping the head down as well today and that seems generally fine: a couple of broken springs but nothing major. Next job is to buy some replacement gaskets”.

Thanks to Duncan, Davie, Rod and new volunteer Ewan for all their work on the engine at the college in Galashiels.



  1. Well done to all, more progress everywhere. The work goes merrily on.


  2. do you guys ever get any sleep!!

  3. Great progress, looking forward to seeing it back up and running soon.

  4. Fingers crossed

  5. Any chance of booking the railbus in next for engine and more overhual.
    Well done Guys.

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