Posted by: wrha | March 24, 2013

Beeching: 50 years on – art gallery exhibition

National Railway Museum – Art Gallery

22 March – 16 June

This exhibition will premier a specially commissioned artwork by artist filmmaker Esther Johnson, and introduce the massive impact that the 1963 report Reshaping Britain’s Railways had on our railway network both locally and nationally.

50 years ago, Dr Richard Beeching wrote his revolutionary report The Reshaping of British Railways. It set in motion a radical restructuring of Britain’s railways that changed the face of rail transport. On the advice of his report, many smaller railway lines were closed and “Dr Beeching” became the despised face of the cuts.

The closures had a huge impact nationally but their effect was often felt locally and personally. At the time, protest groups demonstrated against the cuts in their area, and even today many people feel the loss of their local line and numerous campaigns call for lines to be reopened.

To mark the 50th anniversary of these momentous changes, the NRM commissioned a work by artist filmmaker Esther Johnson which provides a close-up of one of these local stories: the Waverley line, which ran between Carlisle and Edinburgh.

National Railway Museum, York – 22/03/13–16/06/13