Posted by: wrha | February 25, 2013

Signals, Shows and More Northern Reinstatement

Monday 25/2 saw the two Dunblane signals arrive at Whitrope, having only been freshly plucked from the ground on Sunday morning.  We express our sincere thanks to Sandy Proctor at Network Rail in Glasgow and his cohorts in Babcock Rail for all their assistance, from making the signals available in the first place through to supervising loading at the Bridge of Allan construction compound. Thanks also to Gloria and Lofty, alias Tony G and Dave S for conducting the HIAB wagon up through the forestry from Steele Road and helping out with offloading.

Friday 22/2 to Sunday 24/2 saw the team attend the annual Model Rail show at the SECC in Glasgow. Thanks to all the members who made the journey and suffered blisters and bunions standing on a hard concrete floor all day (I talk from experience). It’s always a worthwhile event, meeting members and supporters, spreading the word about the project and raising some welcome funds during what is otherwise a quiet time of year for us.

Elsewhere, physical works north of Tweedbank are gaining momentum. The trackbed appears to be undergoing a transformation into an access road (presumably for forthcoming refurbishment of bridges and structures), having benefitted from a good scrape followed by laying and compacting of MOT Type 1 fill. Interesting to note that even though significant vegetation removal was undertaken during the “enabling” phase under the auspices of the local authorities, Network Rail has instituted an even more drastic programme of its own, and the chainsaw and chipper boys have been out in force again. While some locals may be helping clear up, rumours that Geoff Ruderham has so many logs he’ll never go cold again are of course completely scurrilous….



  1. Thanks for the update. I’m sure the other overseas WRHA members appreciate it too.
    I am just curious why the truck had to come from Steele Road. Is there a weight limit on the Hawick-Whitrope road?

    • Hi John

      There is indeed a road from Hawick to Whitrope, but its not really suitable for the large loads we have. Besides its single track for most of the way with passing places. Also we would of had difficulty turning the wagon into the compound from it as its is tight. Steele Road is the quickest and safest way in to our southern compound.

  2. Gloria? I’ll give you blinking Gloria!!!!

    • Now,now dear

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