Posted by: wrha | December 1, 2012

December Progress

Happy Christmas!!

WRHA and BURCo wish all our volunteers, members, friends and supporters a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, and we hope to see as many of you as possible at Whitrope 2013.

New Purchase, 24/12/12

We’ve just bought a new turnout (or set of points) from the South Devon Railway. These will be placed back to back with our existing points to form a crossover, giving access from the run-round loop/ headshunt into our new stock siding, and will be used to shunt our rolling stock collection off the main running line.

Crossing nose with switches underneath, awaiting collection from Buckfastleigh in the new year

Crossing nose with switches underneath, awaiting collection from Buckfastleigh in the new year

Extra Track Weekend

We mentioned last month that we needed a further 50 sleepers to finish the stock siding and the first length of the run- round loop. I’m pleased to say that these are now on site, and indeed installed in the track, thanks to the opportunity to piggy-back a load of bullhead rail heading to the Aln Valley Railway at Alnwick. These are brand new pressure- creosoted softwood sleepers and were bought at a good price from our regular supplier. To avoid the risk of theft, the sleepers have already been drilled since arriving on site, had baseplates attached and are clipped- up to the rail.

This work was achieved on Saturday 1st/ Sunday 2nd December, a rather cold weekend with a good dusting of snow on the ground and some icy conditions around. Thanks to all our volunteers who turned out on this additional work weekend: a lot was achieved giving us a head start for next year, but I think the high productivity rate was more about keeping warm than dedication to the cause!!

Thanks to everybody who has contributed towards the sleeper funds…….



  1. Well done, men. A great effort at short notice.


  2. It was nice to see everyone again, and it was good to get this job out of the way before the end of the year. Best wishes to all members and supporters.

  3. Anyone want to buy a book?


    • Maybe for Christmas Bud, looking at pictures is all I’ve got left at my age! Its good to see you have come out of hibernation this weekend!

    • Just ordered my example.
      Looking forward to ejoy it.
      Best wishes from Germany

  4. You haven’t written a book have you Iain? I must have missed that one….


    • Funnily enough Alastair, yes I have.

      Would you like to purchase a copy and help us to raise the phoenix from its sleeping slumber and make it a majestic, iridescent, living, breathing being again?


      P.s. Available through the on line shop all.
      (Al, I know you’ve got one as you gave it 5 stars mate).

  5. What’s this about a book?

  6. Hi Guys.
    Sadly I have not been up to Whitrope for a Couple of years now.
    Soon enough I will be back on Track.
    Looking at all the Work that you have Completed over the months also Years has been Fantastic.
    The Whole of the Layout at Whitrope Changes every time I look on the Site.
    Hope to see you Guys all soon.
    All the Very Best for Christmas & New Year 2013.
    Stay Safe out there.
    Lee Adams

    • Can’t wait to see you back Big Man, especially now that we’re on the verge of doing signalling things and thinking about building our own box. I’ve started collecting various “bits”, but to be honest my knowledge is sketchy to say the least and your input would be welcome. Its been too long……..


      • Looking Forward to A.
        As soon as I pop up,will have a meeting to just put input together re Signalling etc.
        I do have some Signalling items at Home pulley Wheels etc.
        Any Signalling equipment I do receive will be handed over to the WRHA.
        As mentioned previous,all the work you have completed is overwelming.
        Its Certinaly coming to a running Railway.
        As also mentioned to Mr Mac,I will be popping up next year to come and see you Guys,so now its time I got involved.

  7. Looking forward to seeing you again Lee.
    I.Mac.has kept us informed how you were at each track weekend.

    • Hi Andy. Hope you are well.
      I do agree,iam looking forward travelling up to see all the Guys,Sadly its been along time,iam just taking the days as they come.
      Iam Busy Modelling as usual.
      Iain is a fantastic Mate,could not ask for a better person.
      Hopefully I will get up February Next year 2013.
      I will certinaly keep in contact with Mr M,just to bring him up to speed with things.
      By all means,if you would like to keep in touch by all means please do.
      All the very best to you and the Family for Christmas,and I will see you in the new year.
      All the best
      Lee A.

      • Hi Guys.
        If any body would like to keep in touch.
        Iam on Facebook,under Lee Adams with a picture of a Class 20.
        Or Email


  8. Hi Lee, long time no see
    Tried to find you on Facebook but to no avail,
    send me a link to and I’ll join you

    • Hi Geoff.
      No problem at all.
      I have just sent you a request.
      February 2013 I will be popping up to see the Guys.


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