Posted by: wrha | November 5, 2012

Waverley Rebirth

Tuesday 6th November saw the ceremonial signing of the transfer agreement (project hand over) between Transport Scotland and Network Rail, who will now go on to deliver the reinstatement project between Newcraighall and Tweedbank. The ceremony took place at the Scottish Mining Museum at Newtongrange (Lady Victoria pit as was), with Transport Minister Keith Brown MSP doing the honours.

Network Rail Scotland Route MD David Simpson and Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown at the official ceremony. Photo: Network Rail

Network Rail have confirmed that platform lengths may be reviewed again to permit railtours and excursion trains to access the new route when complete. A descent of Falahill behind an A1 pacific anyone? They’ll be queuing up for that one we reckon…

Sunday 25th November sees the closure of Millerhill signalbox, the last ‘box from the Waverley’s first incarnation (the Millerhill area was resignalled in the early 60’s in conjunction with the commissioning of the new marshalling yard). Control of the area passes to Workstation 2 at Edinburgh IECC from that date.

Still on the subject of signalling, plans for a full mechanical installation are currently being drawn up for Whitrope pending an expected donation of equipment from another re-signalling scheme elsewhere in Scotland: more news and details to follow shortly. Suffice to say that if everything goes to plan, there will be a mini-forest of semaphore posts sprouting up in the next 12 months!

Video of the signing ceremony can be viewed here:



  1. Is there a fund raising opportunity for the WRHA to organise a re-opening special? The opening is years away, but some money could be raised now by offering tickets. I’m sure there would be some interest, even if it’s just for a coach on the back of the first train load of politicians!

  2. We have already discussed this, and even as far as with one of the mainline companies. At the mo it’s still a “watch this space”.

  3. I aint doing the catering!

  4. At last good news all round, does anyone have pictures of the Old MIllerhill signal box

  5. But always take heart, That since the original closure you can firmly say, You did it first, you beat the might of the political bodies, Network Rail and more.
    You laid the first rails and ran the first trains, While they dithered over who did what, Well done guys!
    All the same it is excellent news here’s hoping they make good the extension to Hawick that they are now on about.

    • This still remains to be seen, we are talking about politicians here, besides two of them have mentioned about going through Hawick not to, obviously with a station there.
      Here’s hoping they put the station at Lochpark and not on the site of the old one which could interface with any railway BUR might have running.
      As they say, “Y’ never know”

  6. Good news!

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