Posted by: wrha | September 3, 2012

Track Plans

A fair number of members and friends have been asking “what next?” Well, with Phase 1 of the running line now available for traffic (although ongoing lifting and packing will continue as it beds- in), thoughts now turn to Phase 2!

Phase 2a sees the running line extended northwards to just short of the points. This involves:

  • Completion of the coper course on the main platform.
  • Commissioning of the stock siding and headshunt to accommodate stored rolling stock, thereby clearing our exit to the north from the station platform.
  • Installation of a further drainage catchpit in the cess just beyond the platform where we installed the cross drain back in 2008: the materials are already on site.
  • Refurbishment and re-wiring of the fence line between the platform and the level crossing on the “Down” side.

Phase 2b sees trains reach the south side of the Golden Bridge . This involves:

  • Removal of the remaining spent ballast/ spoil off the bridge.
  • A full structural inspection.
  • The likely replacement of the waterproofing layer together with some re-pointing work.
  • Laying clean ballast and permanent track over the bridge.
  • Ballasting the concrete sleepered panels we laid earlier this year, lifting and packing.

Phase 2c upgrades the existing track over the summit, bringing trains to within sight of the tunnel portal. This involves:

  • Provision of a permanent road surface, a full set of gates and all necessary signage, white lines etc. at the level crossing.
  • Obtaining further statutory permissions in relation to the level crossing.
  • Provision of a ground frame and a facing lock to the points: materials already being sourced and moved to site.
  • Ballasting, levelling and packing.

Phase 2 extends the running line to the boundaries of our current leasehold, a distance of around half a mile (or a return trip of a mile), with passengers traversing a level crossing, the highest point on the whole Waverley Route and a bridge which gives fantastic views down the valley.

In addition, the bay platform forms a separate project albeit running in parallel with the above works. Plans here include completion of the platform wall and placing of infill material, the earthworks necessary to provide the improved alignment off the running line, drainage works, laying and compacting bottoming and tracklaying.



  1. Fantastic, the vision is set. Now let’s get started, anyone got £2 for the euro millions? You’ve got to be in it to win it or so they say.

    I’m looking forward to being there and helping out with this, and hope to rustle up a few more conscripts to help out.

  2. I visited the site on Saturday the 1st of September with my father. And was given a warm welcome from everyone there. Thanks to the driver and the guard for a run in the rail bus I can now say I have travelled on the Waverley route by train.

    I am glad to see a lot of progress has been made since my last visit over a year ago.

    Keep up the good work and if I lived ad worked in the borders I would certainly volunteer to help out. Unfortunately I live in Hemel Hempstead.

    All the best

    • Thanks Lawrence. It’s good to know that you liked what you saw on Sunday. As you can see from Alastair’s report above, you will see even more exciting changes on your next visit if all goes to plan. Hope to see you again soon!

      • Apologies Scott, I read your name back to front – too early in the morning!

      • Hi dave no problems, thanks for the reply look forward to visiting again soon.


  3. hi and well done to everybody its great to see it coming together
    the last time i was there late 2007 hoping to get up before the end of 2012
    as i live in bonnyrigg north side of the waverley line( its hard at times to make time)
    if anyone is interested i have pictures on flicki or youtube of waverley route
    most of the north end gorebridge eskbank

    james adie

    • Hi James, I broadcast a daily programme on you local Radio station Black Diamond FM 107.8,from 10am Monday to Thursday and I try and have as much info on the line as and when it becomes available.

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