Posted by: wrha | August 10, 2012

August Progress

Firstly we apologise for the lack of updates for a good few weeks. A lot of us took a well earned break after the open weekend, and then of course it was the holiday season. The (extended) August work weekend got off to a very hot and sunny start on Friday, with activities taking place off site for a change: a wee clearance  job which we expect will make us some useful cash as well as generating enough re-useable wooden sleepers to allow us to get cracking with the stock siding. Once back at Whitrope in the late afternoon, a start was made laying out sleepers for the siding using the last nine left over from the batch delivered in the Spring. These were previously drilled for bullhead chairs, so we’re having to plug the old screw holes with hardwood dowels.

Saturday saw the first panel of the stock siding completed. Like the headshunt north of the crossing, we’re only installing every third sleeper for the time being, and this will be more than adequate for stabling vehicles. We also lifted and kango- packed a joint on the running line which had settled under traffic: this was completed prior to the start of the day’s running with the railbus. As it was a such a gorgeous evening, six of us went for a walk down the trackbed from Shankend to Primrose Cottages after we’d finished on site: good company and banter on what is arguably one of the most scenic stretches of the entire Waverley Route.

Once more, thanks go to our good friends KJ Bownes of Worksop for all their assistance on Friday.

The track gang making a start on the stock siding

Davy needle- gunning the Fowler’s frames

Works outing to Shankend



  1. Love the “works” outing photo that made me chuckle.

  2. Wish I could have been with you lads, hopefully next time!

  3. Great day on Sunday and the weather stayed hot and sunny. Great bit of reclamation work was done too. Visitors a plenty for runs out on the railbus so thanks for them coming to support our cause, many thanks to all who turned out for a bit of graft too. Looking forward to the next work weekend already.

  4. I had hoped to be up but unfortunately getting sorted at work, and then sorting transport up proved too problematic, so a trip to the Nene Valley was made instead, but this still benefits the WRHA as contacts were made/reinforced…

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