Posted by: wrha | May 19, 2012

Counting down to trains- May

Progress up to Tuesday 29th

Wayne, our brickie from Hawick, has been on site again, properly pointing the newly laid copers. Hot on his heals was Dave Smith, pot of masonry paint in hand, applying the customary white line on the front edge. All that remains to be done now is dressing the surface gravel and checking that the stepping distances are compliant.

The “midweek gang” has been on site over the past couple of days carrying out some more lifting and packing on the new track panels south of the Golden Bridge. This has removed a twist fault and in turn enabled the blue and grey Mark 2f to be drawn forward, permitting the delivery of further rolling stock (watch this space).

Sunday 20th

A blistering hot day for a change resulting in copious sunburn. All available copers laid, with the exception of the three at the bottom of the ramp, which the machine couldn’t reach from the platform. Other tasks included some lifting and packing down by the new Mark 2, construction of a wee stillage panel for the Bance inspection car and a good tidy round the compound area. What a difference to the platform though! All ready for a train and some passengers…..

Saturday 19th

Using the hired vacuum lifter, all the copers were lifted onto the platform and spaced- out ready for laying. The Ruston was fired- up and pushed the Fowler to the north end of the platform. The track through the station was measured with the platform gauge, and we’re pleased to say that neglible settlement has taken place since the track was initially ballasted and packed back in the summer of 2008. The vacuum lifter really was worth its weight in gold, and without it there’s no way we would have got so much done.

Friday 18th

Both the heritage centre coaches were dragged north out of the platform using the winch on Tony C’s lorry. The steps at the north end of the platform were brought into use and the wooden stairs were repositioned at the end vestibule door on the Mk 1. With the coaches out of the way, all the fishplates in the station were lubricated.



  1. And what a good weekend it was too. Rain on Saturday and blistering heat on Sunday. Good work done, good natter and tea was drank.

  2. Fair point well made.
    Good 3 days even though I’m completely gubbed!!!

    Hearts 5-Hibbs 1. Another result.


  3. Sounds like you had better weather than we did down the Nene Valley. Had a few people asking about the project while down there.

    • It was great weather, and so it continues….

  4. Sunburn, don’t mention that to me. My heads looking a little like a cooked Lobster ‘RED!’ None the less it was a great weekend, shame I had to work this week otherwise I’d be up doing odd jobs. Looking forward to the next weekend and July especially.

    • Do Lobster and Beetroot go together?
      Only my face resembles the latter (and the bits on top where my hair used to be)………


  5. Good few days’ work all round. I’ll nip up on Wednesday evening and carry on with a bit of the packing or any other wee jobs I can find!

  6. To all concerned a hearty well done.
    This will make a great publicity shot and just to remind every one,
    at this time (May 2012) not on peice of rebuild has been started on the Northern Section and it was supposed to be open in 2008!!

    • Maybe we should have bid to do it?

  7. great progress guys!, So good to see. So what’s the next stage?. Will the platform havbe a ‘Victorian’ style canopy as with other stations?. Also one of you guys mentioned you might be taking some photos of the northern section, Either way you seem to be doing a lot better and a lot quicker than they are, maybe your team should be running their project too 😉

    • We wouldn’t say no to any serious offers!!
      Trouble is Hawick-Carlisle would be done first.

      All further developments from our camp will be shown shortly.
      The copers have been pointed today.

      Thanks for the interest and encouragement.

      On behalf of all,


  8. The House built on the trackbed at Stow has now, finally, been demolished.

    • Hi Geoff, I don’t suppose you got a picture or two of it did you?. Shame for the poor folks with the house I imagine it was a heck of a talking point for visitors ‘hey is that a railway bridge in the garden?’.
      It’s a real shame The station further north that is pretty much complete can’t be restored and kept. Might have gone a long way to making it good as a tourist route as well.
      With luck in the future their line will link to yours!.. I asked a while back but is your new station at the centre to have a ‘Victorian’ canopy in the syle many old heritage lines do?.
      Either way its looking great now with the proper platform edges built!

      • Plans have been drawn up for a traditional station building but these are on hold, awaiting funding. We do have the columns from Melrose down platform canopy, so perhaps these could well be accomodated at some stage. (MS)

  9. Johnathon piccies are now on the site.
    I’m not sure what canopy is to be erected
    maybe one of the other lads here know.

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