Posted by: wrha | April 16, 2012

Inter- City arrives at Whitrope

Ever wondered what sort of rolling stock “The Waverley” express would have run with had it survived into the 70s or 80s? Well trouble yourself no longer, for the Age of the Train has arrived at Whitrope!

With the commencement of passenger operations firmly on the horizon, the Association has taken delivery of its first item of passenger stock in the shape of Mark 2f RFO no. 1215 in Inter- City blue and grey livery. The carriage, on loan from Northumbria Rail, is a conversion of a FO (First Open) and sports a fully equipped buffet at one end plus seating at tables in the 2+1 configuration.

The journey up was thankfully uneventful, and after a hastily arranged press call in the main square in Newcastleton, the low loader joined the Waverley trackbed at Steele Road for a “Down direction” approach to Whitrope via Riccarton Junction. Now, how long has it been since a railway carriage made that particular journey up from Carlisle?

Our thanks go to Dave Shell and all at Northumbria Rail, Simon and Chris from Reids Transport of Stoke on Trent, Iain Mac and Tony “Colin McRae” Graham for conducting the low loader up through the forestry and opening the gates, all in the welcoming committee at Whitrope, Tomasz at the Liddesdale Hotel for rustling up some sandwiches and the residents of Newcastleton for putting up with a muckle big railway carriage in the middle of their village. Last but certainly not least, thanks to all those who contributed so generously to our Rolling Stock Appeal and made the move possible. More photos to follow…..

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  1. One word, Gobsmacked!
    Well done to everyone and if we think back
    it wasn’t that long ago there were a little over 80 volunteers
    with loads to do and no station no carraiges but bags of get up and lets do this.

  2. Congratulations. Good work all round.

  3. Was great to be part of the on-site team when it arrived yesterday. Thanks go to ALL who turned up and to the guys from Reids and of course Northumbria Rail for the loan of the coach.

  4. Thanks to everyone at both ends for their assistance in making this move go smoothly. Shame we didn’t take “The Waverley” headboard to Newcastleton! Our friends at Mid Norfolk are continuing discussions with Eversholt regarding the stock at Long Marston which includes the BSO. As soon as that is successfully concluded and they are shunted round we can get Reid’s to bring that up too…

  5. It’s absolutely superb to see how things are changing and growing up the hill, the whole process really seems to have upped its pace and the energy and enthusiasm around Whitrope is palpable these days. I’m proud to be playing a small part in it guys; thanks for having me aboard. It means a helluva lot!

    • A small part you Meat Eater!

      • Big part when I need to keep a sleeper from swinging in the air.

  6. As a past part owner of the RFB1215, I am really pleased to see that it will be used and operated on an up and coming Heritage Railway

    • Having worked these for a mainline company I hope I don’t end up doing a busman’s holiday on this one…..

      • Footplate bound is you…..

  7. Magic!

  8. Was out last sunday for first time,really enjoyed myself,and great bunch of enthusiastic bunch of guys,will be back 😉

    • Glad to hear you had a good day Dale, Unfortunately I could only make it over for the Saturday, but hopefully next time will be able to do both days.

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