Posted by: wrha | April 5, 2012

April Progress


It’s been a strange start to April, with a late reappearance of the white stuff less than a week after the scorching temperatues at the end of March. The weather’s a funny old thing, especially up at Whitrope.

The builders have paid us a visit again, putting up the wall at the back of the platform ramp on the strip foundation we laid back in May of last year: this is the first step in finishing off/ tidying up the south end of the platform. Infill will be placed on the April work weekend, with the ramp itself being properly levelled, and some timber fencing will follow in due course.

Our thanks go to the midweek track gang of Iain Mac, Tony G and Dave S for packing the new panels south of the Golden Bridge ready for the forthcoming rolling stock delivery (watch this space!!!). Meanwhile Ian Crooks has almost finished painting the east side of the Mark 1, and both the existing coaches will soon be dragged a short distance north to allow the first coper slabs to be laid at far south end of the platform: its our short term aspiration to have platform level access to the Ruston for our cab- ride and footplate experience customers.

Northern Rebuild

The big news recently is that BAM Nuttall have been appointed by Network Rail to further develope the design work for the new railway (presumably working- up the initial designs provided by Scott Wilson). Our “Man in Midlothian” Geoff Ruderham has been out and about wih his camera again (give him a cheery wave if you see him), this time taking a look at the new formation in the Millerhill area: this is where the new alignment diverges from the original one near the old A68 bridge in the northbound direction to bisect the Edinburgh City Bypass at something closer to ninety degrees (more photos to follow shortly).

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  1. Had a great day up there today, it’s often the little jobs that can be done on days like these to leave work weekends for the bigger tasks. Chat was had, brews were drunk yet still work got done.


  2. It’s nice to have good, productive days like this outside the frame of the big weekend jobs. A nice day for it too.

  3. Green zone, no hi-viz required before any smart alec gets on a horse (unless its an Irish Guardsman)! They apparently end up under them?

    See youtube………

    This really isn’t meant to be derogatory but I do doubt it’ll be on long.

  4. Looking forward to next week…

  5. Well I’m Blowed, A midweek work party
    well done to them, love the new mascot!

  6. Midweek it may be but there was work to be done Geoff. Just a few of us local lads ‘Well Carlisle lads’ on a day off from from our jobs on the mainline railway. More than happy to help as and when we can to assist the cause.

    • 199.

      You’ve got the gig………

      • I won’t live down volunteering for that in a hurry, and I only had a shandy too!

  7. To quote a phrase from the 1989 film Field of Dreams

    “If you build it, they will come.”

    • Just hit the bridge…………

  8. Ladies and Gents two recent items appeared on the BBC Scotland Website



    Click on the links or copy and paste to put them into your browser.

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