Posted by: wrha | March 11, 2012

March Progress


The 20 tonnes of ballast delivered recently have been spread on the three new panels we built in February, and these will now be roughly packed and levelled- up to be ready for rolling stock deliveries later in the year. A start has been made on the first four wooden sleepered panels of the “Up” line north of the level crossing: in the fullness of time these will form part of our run round loop, but in the meantime will facilitate shunting of our rolling stock collection and also provide a headshunt for the new siding into our compound.


The Ruston has had a fuel filter change courtesy of Duncan, and the engine is now reported as running much better. The loco has emerged from winter hibernation and is available for traffic. Its first planned use is on Easter Weekend, 7th & 8th April, when it will be offering footplate rides again, with the opportunity to take the controls under supervision (see for further details and other operating dates).

The Fowler’s power unit has been fully disconnected once more and is ready for removal to permit replacement of the cracked liner. It looks like we’ve found a suitable workshop facility where the repairs can be undertaken, so we expect to do the lift sooner rather than later.

Relics from the Route

Ongoing vegetation clearance has exposed an original (NBR??) milepost just south of Stow. This is milepost 27, and comprises an oval cast iron plate fixed to a short length of bullhead rail. The post is now in the care of the Association, and once cleaned up will be displayed in our heritage centre at Whitrope.

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  1. The discovery of Milepost 27 is amazing news. It is great that it has come to the WRHA rather than going for scrap or to a private collector .
    Wouldn’t it be better to keep the post in its ‘as found’ condition rather than repaint it?
    There can’t be many archaeological finds that get painted. If it is an original milepost, conservation might be more appropriate than splashing on 21st century Dulux!

    • Definitely agree with the last comment – conservation not restoration.

      • 100% with you both on that … although this is the first I’ve heard of it! I’ll try and ensure the message gets back to whoever currently has the milepost that it should, quite rightly, remain in “as found” state. (Matt S.)

      • Had a word, it’s remaining in “as found” condition for conservation.

  2. Very good lads; shame that I couldn’t get up (too many other projects!). Good luck with getting the Fowler sorted.

  3. It was a great weekend, so much was done towards getting the site prepared for the rolling stock arrival. It wasn’t back breaking work, and the banter had by all was rewarding in itself.

    In the end Work was done, Tea was drank and satisfaction was gained. Looking forward to April now as I’ll be away in Portugal on the next ‘work weekend’

    • What are the dates for the next work parties? I’ll get them jotted up on the year planner! Should also be at at least one end for the first of the Mk 2s. Matt did the membership by PayPal get sorted?

      • Having a couple of issues with it … I can send you a Paypal “donation” email if you like though, that should be ok. (MS)

      • 24th/ 25th Dave. All future dates are posted on the events tab at the top. The aspiration is to have site works every fortnight (AC)

  4. My understanding is the 27 Milpost and the speed restriction holder is being transported to Whitrope this Sunday 25th.
    I wonder what kind of welcome it will recieve, will you be there?
    I know I will.

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