Posted by: wrha | January 3, 2012

Rolling Stock Transport Appeal

Firstly, may I wish everybody a happy 2012! Its going to be a momentous year at Whitrope, all going well, with plans being formulated to operate the first public passenger trains on the Waverley Route since closure.  What’s more, the day we’ve got pencilled in for the start of services, 1st July, just happens to be the 150th anniversary of the opening of the original Border Union Railway between Hawick and Carlisle. What better excuse for a double celebration!

Following earlier appeals for suitable rolling stock, the fantastic news is that we’re well on the way to agreeing a deal which would see a Mark 1 vehicle with guard’s brake compartment coming to Whitrope on loan. At the same time, we’ve been offered the loan of a Mark 2D vehicle, which has both a buffet area and first class seating: this would allow us to take our existing buffet vehicle out of service for well earned internal refurbishment. All the Association has to do at this time is raise the finance to physically move these vehicles to site.  

We would therefore invite donations or sponsorship to cover the transportation of rolling stock. Our appeal target is £3,500, and a range of incentives similar to our earlier ballast appeal will apply. For those who donated to that appeal, please keep 30th June/ 1st July free in your diaries!!!!  If you want any further information, please drop us a mail on

Mark 2D 1st class buffet no. 1215 which has been offered to us on loan
Donations etc. welcome at the usual address: Reeth House, 17 Hillview Road, South Witham, Grantham, NG33 5QW.
Or you can donate to the appeal by PayPal using the button below.

Donate using PayPal



  1. A view of the interior of the RFO can be seen here The loan period for the Mk2 RFO and BSO in indefinite.

  2. I cant wait. Looking forward to seeing these up the hill.

  3. […] can now accept payments via Paypal, our Rolling Stock Transport Appeal is the first such appeal of ours to have a specific donation button, also available […]

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