Posted by: wrha | December 27, 2011

Progress so far…….

Just to round off 2011, here’s a quick selection of photos to show just how far we’ve come these last few years.

WRHA and BURC wish all our members, volunteers, supporters and friends a fantastic 2012!!!

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  1. Haven’t we done well?
    Answers on the back of a tenner and send it to our fundraising team.

  2. Haven’t we come a long way?
    Makes me feel like a bit part player, mind!


    • All support is more than welcome Dave.

      You yourself have been there at the earlier points and are again now. no one person supporting is anymore important or less as the next matey.
      We all have a common goal and wish to see it happen.

      We would gladly welcome any new members or volunteers openly to this seminal cause…..

      All the best for the new year gentlemen and ladies,


  3. The more the merrier Iain, I’ll see if I drum up a few more yet!

    All the best, guys.


  4. Fantastic progress. Cùm oirbh leis an deagh obair/keep up the good work.


  5. All the best for 2012.
    I’ll hopefully get up to Whitrope at some point this year.

  6. The Waverley Haiku;

    “Noble Borders Railway.

    Stolen from its People.

    We shall give it back.”


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