Posted by: wrha | December 23, 2011

An Update from Our Friends in the North

While Network Rail undertakes its health check of the northern reinstatement scheme (take our advice guys and forget about W10/12 gauge for just now), work appears to be ongoing removing the 40+ years of vegetation currently smothering the old line. “Our Man in Midlothian” and captain of the local airwaves Geoff Ruderham has been out and about with his box brownie again, and here’s a selection of his latest snaps:

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Great to see the old line continue to awake from its slumbers. All we need now is a four wheel drive (carrying “The Waverley” headboard of course) and we can start route- learning!!!



  1. The first stirrings…
    I think we all understand that this isn’t going to be an overnight job now, but it’s good to see even this basic level of activity.


  2. Nice work Geoff.

    Keep up the good work and love to the family.


    • And to you, and the rest of The W.R.H.A.
      May your days be marry and bright!

      • Got them covered in talc mate.

        Happy Easter.

  3. Merry Christmas guys!


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