Posted by: wrha | October 8, 2011

October Progress

The headline news for the month to date is that the Fowler is a working loco once more. The engine was run- up a few times over the weekend, with the exhaust running clean after five minutes or so and a good oil pressure reading showing on the gauge. This is a huge milestone for the overall project and is testament to the effort put in by Duncan and his team over the last eighteen months or so. The next stage in the loco’s restoration will be refurbishment of the air brake system: this is likely to pose another significant challenge to the team, especially as the compressor recovered from the donor loco doesn’t appear to fit our own! Thanks must also go the the owning syndicate, Tom Stoddart, Andy Laing and Alastair Connell, for their continued financial support throughout the restoration process.

Elsewhere on site, satisfactory progress continues on the new steps at the north end of the platform as well as the foot crossing at the south end. Tony has been dragging yet more sixty foot rails into position for a future stock siding, and Joe has been busy fixing wire droppers to the six foot fence opposite the house. All in all, another excellent weekend despite some fairly poor weather………

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  1. I’m off Wednesday to Friday this week lads. If there’s any wee jobs needing done. I’ve got all the safety gear!

  2. Have uploaded some video to YouTube of the fowler start up

    Was a great day on Saturday, although the weather was a little wet. Had great fun on my first day helping out.

    • It´s avery good noise that I can hear from up there. Gratulations from Germany

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