Posted by: wrha | August 15, 2011

August Progress

Future timber harvesting on Ninestane Rigg is necessitating the construction of a lorry turning circle at the north end of the cutting, just beyond the current extent of the concrete sleepers running out from the Golden Bridge. At the request of our landlord, the Forestry Commission, all the concrete blocks and timber stored in this area have been shifted out the way by our volunteers. Many aching muscles ensued….

Further spent ballast has been scraped off the Golden Bridge as part of our ongoing journey down to expose the waterproofing layer. It’s hoped to have an independent engineer undertake a structural inspection of the bridge in the near future to understand what, if anything, needs doing to support the return of rail traffic. The spoil generated has been dumped up by the coaches and will be used to construct access steps at the north end of the platform.

The two ex-Melrose columns which had been lifted up onto the platform have been erected and dug into the ground. The intention is that these will support information and map boards, showing walking and cycling routes through the forest plus some interpretative stuff on the railway.

Fitting of pipes and ducts continues on the Fowler, and the purchase of new engine oil is on the cards. The loco was shunted by the Ruston down to the Golden Bridge and back to ensure the axles remain lubricated.

Talking of the Ruston, we’re planning another operating weekend on 3rd/ 4th September. Cab rides and driver experience turns are PLANNED, but watch this space for confirmation.

Many thanks to all those who keep the project ticking along, but this month’s special mention must go to Tony Cormack, whose wee lorry was invaluable in moving materials around the site, and who bears the brunt of the muck shifting with his mini- digger. Tony also assumes responsibility for talking the hind legs off any passing donkeys when Geoff isn’t around, a task he takes very seriously indeed. Tony, we salute you!

Lifting a post with Tony at the controls

Columns erected on the platform



  1. I’ve got a couple of weeks off coming up. If there’s any wee one-man jobs needing done during the week I can spare a day or two.


    • Hi Dave,

      There are always plenty of things needing done, but if you’ve not volunteered before, its probably best if you try and tie- in with one of the other guys to start with. Drop your email address to and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate people.


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