Posted by: wrha | July 13, 2011

July Progress

High summer is with us once again, and the usual strimming of the banks and verges is in full swing in preparation for the open weekend on the 16th/ 17th. Joe Taylor has taken the preceding week off work to crack on with getting the place presentable, and his floral displays on the platform are looking great.

On the track front, Alastair and David Deans have broken the back of the fishplate greasing between the station and the Golden Bridge, as well as providing a temporary stop block at the southern extremity of the line. The last handful of baseplates were finally screwed down where the Fowler formerly stood, and some ballast spread on the bare patch which had been under it.

Work on the loco saw the engine bay roof section lifted and temporarily supported on wooden battens to allow the supporting framework underneath to be needle- gunned prior to painting. This latter task required Duncan and Davie to get inside the engine bay itself, leading to some pretty unpleasant working conditions! Duncan and Rod recently took some time off the loco to prepare and paint the gate at the end of the new six foot fence: see photo. 

Last but not least, Ian Crooks’ labour of love continues on the heritage centre coaches. This year’s outside painting effort is concentrating on the east side and roof of the Mark 1, weather permitting of course! Inside, Alan Maule provides a warm welcome to all our visitors and plies them with teas and coffees while raising much needed funds for the project.

Please do come along and support us at the weekend. The wee Ruston will be pottering up and down, the first working loco on this part of the Waverley Route since the demolition trains of the early seventies.



  1. Hi think a collective WOW!
    Would be in order.
    From a wilderness to a working railway in such a short time is magnificent and group communial backslapping should be the order of the day.

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