Posted by: wrha | June 14, 2011

First Loco Moves on the Waverley Route

Further to the blog two below, diminutive 4 wheel Ruston diesel mechanical no. 110 arrived at Whitrope today (Tuesday 14/6) on loan from our friends at the Rutland Railway Museum. Once fired up, it was moved a short distance under its own power and coupled up to the Fowler, thus becoming the first locomotive to work on the Waverley Route proper since the demolition trains in the early seventies.

The intention is to shunt the Fowler up to the coaches at the weekend, then to use the Ruston to start bedding- in our newly ballasted track, as well as commencing the process of training up our volunteers in operating duties. It’ll be running up and down between the platform and the Golden Bridge on the open weekend: please do come along to see the fantastic progress we continue to make in rebuilding a section of this much missed route.

The wee Ruston arrives at Whitrope after its long trip north

Safely landed on WRHA metals and buffered up to the Fowler


  1. Well done to one and all.


  2. Beauty!
    Now we start rockin’!!

  3. I have been happy to see the little maschine up there in Whitrope and that the running of her will be a benefit for the association. Andreas

  4. Performance is faultless.

    One of the latest jobs on site is removing rust from the rail head, this time the easy way.

    Congratulations guys!…………

  5. it’s a wee gem

  6. when do we get a class 26 working next???

  7. Getting the loco up there was the easy bit. Well done to all the volunteers past and present who grafted so long and hard to build our line from scratch: the weekend gone made it all worthwhile!

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