Posted by: wrha | April 25, 2011

Recent Progress in the North

Following the shining example set by WRHA, Network Rail has been busy laying track on the reborn Waverley Route.  The current project at the north end of the Millerhill complex has seen the construction of a short length of new formation, complete with ballast, drainage and now steel- sleepered track. In due course this will tie into the existing Newcraighall turn- back siding, and at its far end will presumably form an end- on boundary with the new Borders Railway proper.

This is of course a new alignment for the railway: the original route left via the south end of Millerhill yards through what eventually became the east coast electrification depot, lately ending at a set of buffers adjacent to the city by-pass. It is the heavily skewed angle at which the by-pass bisects the old formation that has dictated the new route, which sees the railway loop behind the old Millerhill Down yard and Monktonhall colliery site to a  new station at Shawfair. The line will then hit the by-pass at something closer to ninety degrees before rejoining the old formation near what is now the A68/ A7 (Sherifhall) roundabout.

Other recent works include repointing/ structural repairs to the Lothianbridge Viaduct, further de-vegetation of the route and ongoing scour protection on the Gala Water bridges. Local authority approval has also been granted for the new road layout at Falahill, which will see an overbridge built at ninety degrees to the line, connecting into the existing carriageway by means of a roundabout on each side. Apparently this had a rough ride with the locals, who presumably don’t welcome an additional obstacle on an otherwise fast stretch of road. Ho hum.

All photos copyright WRHA/ CBR and supplied by our intrepid newshound, Geoff Ruderham (also available for weddings etc.)



  1. So that’s what the Musselburgh lads have been doing!

  2. Wonder how many times the Hydrex excavator broke down (Note: comment made in a private as opposed to professional capacity).

    • Are you making unwarranted insinuations about my little digger?

      • I’m sure the comment was directed elsewhere Tony

      • Thanks for your kind words, Andy. Perhaps I’m just too sensitive.

  3. oooh, mare picters.

    Where’s the Jays fluid? I’ll be needing that!

    • Jay’s fluid,is that bird’s p**s ? or is the spelling wrong?

      • Bird p**s!!!

  4. Tony, your wee mini- penetrator has performed faultlessly over numerous shifts, so the comment was definitely not directed at you. Indeed, have you considered welding railway wheels onto the front and back of your pride and joy and tendering for some “real” railway work?

    • Thought about it, but the tablet catcher was going to be a problem. I’ve schemed out a fitting for Delilah and I’ve got the flanged wheels.

      • Roy, why are you in a different time zone to the rest of us? We’ve all moved to BST.

      • Alright, wrong target. Sorry Roy. Matt, why are you in a different time zone to the rest of us? We’ve all moved to BST.

      • Not got a clue – where are you looking? Can’t see any time zones on the screen at this end.

      • Messages are timed one hour in arrears. This is being written at about 5.30 pm but I expect the time on the post will be about 4.30 pm.

      • I’ve changed the timezone setting to UTC+1, see how that goes. Matt

  5. What’s happened to the mystery location thingummy?

    • Someone saw fitn to alter the format.

      Choice words as its a public space……..

      • Mystery Locations are still on this site, well most recent ones are. Had to do some pruning back of the old ones as the important posts were becoming hard to find.

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