Posted by: wrha | April 18, 2011

April Work Weekend

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The main task for this weekend was building the fence line separating the house driveway from the railway. The wooden posts have to be dug into the old formation as the ground is too hard and full of stones/ boulders for them to be driven in. It’s not too bad with the normal posts, but when Joe informs you that the next hole is for a strainer post and needs to be dug 2 feet deep, then that’s when the mutinous comments start…..

Saturday also saw the customary needle gunning and angle grinding on the loco, getting the engine bay ready for some painting prior to making a start on rebuilding the various pipe runs. Andy Laing has fettled up the starter motor at home and this has now been refitted in the loco. Duncan also continues with his own “homework”, stripping down and repainting the removable side panels from the engine bay. Elsewhere on site, we erected a start/ end of token section sign at the bottom of the platform ramp and had a bonfire with all the arisings from the tree trimming we carried out at the top of the driveway.

Sunday was an absolutely glorious day with hardly a cloud in the sky. We continued digging yet more post holes, although the weather was far more conducive to relaxation than to hard toil.




  1. Whats wi the spinin top then lar?

  2. Do you like it? I did it, but don’t ask me how!! Pretty sure I couldn’t do it again if I tried….

    • Look at the shiny shiny!

      Minds me of a driver I know who stopped at Newton to report to the Bobby that his signals were going all “inny and outy”.

      The introduction of flashing yellows had happened some 7 or so years previously and he had neglected to either read his notices, acknowledge his PON’s or apparently run on anything other than greens up to a diverging road?

      He’s retired now, through pensionable age I may add not discretionary discharge.

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