Posted by: wrha | April 11, 2011

Mystery Location 29.

What and where is this?



  1. Ground disk signal with the disk removed. Judging by the state of the track, its not on a main line. I’ll take a stab at Woodburn Parkway. Then again, it could be Woodburn New Street…….

    • Alastair, would that be East or West Woodburn? It looks more like an armless miniature semaphore to me.

  2. Negative again I’m afraid. Note the lattice post on the signal and orientation of T.V. mast on houses in the background.

    Regards, Roy

  3. OK. Miniature arm signal without the arm then. A quick glance at my copy of Border Country TV Transmitters by J.R. Hartley (1975) has highlighted my glaring mistake: this is of course Woodburn Victoria. Doh!!

    • Still no, I’m afraid. Hartley was not infallable.


  4. Can we at least confirm the “what” as opposed to the “where”? Can we all agree its an arm-less ground/ miniature signal? If it isn’t that, is it a very early slide projector, or perhaps a cunningly disguised fire hydrant? Oh, and employing a statistical analysis of previous mystery location photos, I’m going to say Rothbury (Central)

  5. It does look like Northumberland, but the bleakness looks more Wansbeck valley than Rothbury.

  6. Can I be the first to say I haven’t a clue?
    Then take a random stab at……………………. Deadwater.

    • Random being the opperative word there.

  7. Central or Queen Street Geoff? Be specific man!

    • O.K. It’s an N.B.R. minature arm ground signal now where?


  8. I’m fairly sure they’re called minature semaphores or to be totally pedantic “ground signals”, it just happened to formally poses a semaphore arm. Now where?

    I’d guess…….

    ……….Earlston, Klondyke. Before the box shut, line got washed away etc.

    Or its just possible I’ve made the lot up.

  9. Roy, are you going to tell us where this is? Given that the last wild guess was well over a week ago, the obvious conclusion to draw is that none of us have the foggiest. Let’s face it, it could be anywhere, although I know its not Linolnshire because there’s a hill in the background.

  10. Roy,
    I think it is time for another clue.

  11. You say its a NBR signal. Miniature semaphores were very rare on the NB as they preferred falling plate ground signals. Lattice arm and semaphore would indicate pre-grouping NER or post-grouping LNER Stevens (of dwarf frame fame) but if its NBR then is it on the Waverley?

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