Posted by: wrha | March 22, 2011

March Work Weekend

Fowler Update

                  The Fowler had a large work party this month with 5 people working away on the loco at one point on saturday.Tom and Pete were working in the cab stripping the old paint and corrosion off the roof ready for repainting.Andy Laing continued his work on the electrics and removed the starter motor to mtry and identify a short that is indicated across the motor he also fitted a new start switch to the control panel in the loco.Duncan and Grant continued work on the main frames of the loco,chipping and grinding off a large amount of corrosion.

                                   This sunday was a bit of a wet affair and after finishing grinding part of the main frame ready for painting Duncan was forced into the cab(mainly so he could work in the dry!)the last of the cab roof was stripped back and is now ready for painting.Off site work continues on the engine compartment side panel so hopefully in the next couple of months the loco will start to look much more pristine and work can start to pipe the engine up ready for a start.


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