Posted by: wrha | March 21, 2011

Weather at Riccarton.

Over the least few months I’ve noticed a number of comments about snow at Whitrope. Just to put thing in perspective I feel it’s time to remind members what it was like in 1963. The loco was A2 Class 60528 Tudor Minstrel.



  1. These are tremendous pics
    I still shiver when I remember the winter of ’62 ’63

  2. There are more if members want them? Please let me know.


  3. Yes please Roy and some of Mandy Rice Davies while you’re at it!

    • I didn’t know Mandy Rice-Davies had been to Whitrope. Was it a working weekend?

  4. I always equate 1963 with the exploits of Miss Rice-Davies, well, I WOULD say that, wouldn’t I…

    • Well, she was certainly at Riccarton but rarely vertical!! So not often photographed. Don’t know about Whitrope though.


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