Posted by: wrha | December 3, 2010

Ballast Appeal Update

The early arrival of winter, which is fast shaping up towards 1963 epic proportions, looks like it’ll put a stop to all work on site, at least until the new year. From the start of 2010 up to the November work weekend, we laid five lorry loads of ballast, totalling 100 tonnes, which has seen all the track from the locomotive down to the Golden Bridge fully stoned- up. This is a fantastic achievement, but we’re not there yet! We still need to lay ballast north from the loco to the platform, so please keep those donations coming.

We’re hoping to get certificates out in the early new year, but here is the “Roll of Honour” listing all those who have donated so far:

  • M.A. Bavage                       West Yorkshire
  • John & Mary Sisley         West Sussex
  • Ken Ball                                Dumfriesshire
  • Andrew Britton                 Edinburgh
  • Prof. G.L. Huxley             Oxfordshire
  • Brian Sharrey                    Edinburgh
  • Michael Harrison             Cumbria
  • Mr & Mrs K. Harrison     West Yorkshire
  • Alan Williamson               Peeblesshire
  • BMS Dunlop                       Highland
  • George Gunn                     Cumbria
  • Andy Laing                        Edinburgh
  • Ross Turnbull                   New Zealand
  • Tony Wickens                   Newcastle
  • Iain MacIntosh                Roxburghshire
  • R. Straughan                     Northumberland
  • Christian Kohlstock       Germany
  • Andreas Hille                   Germany


  1. Wow! Makes one very humbled by other peoples genourosity.

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