Posted by: wrha | November 9, 2010

Work weekend 6-7th November 2010.

Here we are in November, almost another year has gone by and things are continuing to look good for the railway. The running line from the platform to the golden bridge is nearly complete with ballast, except where the track will be slewed in order for the coaches to be put in the bay platform next year. Our dedicated volunteers filled some of the cribs (rail-speak for the space between the sleepers) and the ballast shoulders where they left off from last month, while the herbacious plants were cut down and the spaces created were filled in with violas to complete the beds on the platform in readiness for the spring. This was done on a cold, wet Saturday and on the following day, after a cold frosty start, further clearing and burning was done up in the tunnel cutting. Hopefully this will be completed before the end of the year, as since it was started the cutting is much drier with the willows being removed.


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