Posted by: wrha | October 22, 2010

Progress in the North

Our intredpid news hound, Geoff Ruderham,  has unearthed more tangible signs of progress on the reinstatement project at the northern end of the Waverley Route. Contractors are on site in the Newtongrange/ Lady Victoria area, diverting a water main which was laid along the solum of the old line following closure. All photos are copyright Chris Mackrell for WRHA Archive/CBR.



  1. I guess that’s the stream that runs down the trackbed at that point then is it?

    I promise to be more enthusiastic when the track is on the ground. To be honest I’m getting a little ahead of things there. I’ll settle for a mild smile when preferred bidder is announced.

  2. Not long now tho’
    I know its 12 months away, but if you think what has or rather hasn’t happened in the last 40 years this is great news besides Holyrood are now saying that they are “Committed” to bringing the borders into the rail network.
    Pity it isn’t all the borders!!

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