Posted by: wrha | April 12, 2010


There are twenty four “stations” listed in the 1968 closure notice for the Waverley Route. Perhaps the most surprising inclusion is Whitrope, for there was never historically a platform there, access to and from trains being via the step ladder in the guard’s brake van.

It is therefore ironic that Whitrope is the first “station” to re- appear under the route’s current reincarnation, and the 21st century version boasts a proper two coach platform and even its own car park!

A top layer of decorative red granite chippings was laid over the length of the narrow part of the platform during the weekend, giving a very smart “finished” impression to the numerous visitors who popped in on both days. The main outstanding jobs are the sourcing and subsequent laying of the concrete copers, the provision of signage and platform “furniture” and the erection of permanent fencing where required.

Looking north towards the new platform

The other main job tackled was the construction of drainage catchpit number three, a ninety degree turn where the new six foot drain opposite the platform turns back under the track towards the cess. This required the emptying of the Whitrope Duck Pond (an attractive feature which had appeared immediately after the November weekend) followed by some extensive hand excavations to achieve the correct depth. On completion of the catchpit, the cross drain was laid and backfilled with filter chippings and track ballast. Last but not least, the hole for catchpit number four (at the bottom of the platform ramp) was dug and the GRP sump roughly placed in position.

Away from the track, a start was made on erecting temporary scaffolding to permit the painting of the Mark 1 buffet coach (platform side), and some work to the doors on the Mark 2 exhibition coach was also carried out.

Once again, thanks are extended to all the volunteers who turned out on what was a glorious couple of days weather- wise, and to the generous member whose timely donation permitted purchase of the weekend’s materials.

The Mk2 exhibition coach in crimson lake livery stands at the north end of the station

The Mk2 exhibition coach in crimson lake livery stands at the north end of the station