Posted by: wrha | April 11, 2010

Track weekend 20th/21st March and other works

For this particular report it is best if it is done as an appraisal of what was achieved over the two days to keep it short and sweet. Like the last working weekend, plenty was happening such as:-

* Completion of laying crushed stone over geotextile on the platform
* Rubble spread in the bay platform with the mini digger
* Concrete sleepers laid out on the banking through the bay platform
* “Six foot” ballast shoulder created through the platform adjacent to the coaches
* New ballast spread between the stationary locomotive and bridge 199
* Rails rotabroached and fishplate/bolted together on two track sections
* Four rails recovered from the embankment slope near bridge 200 and further concrete sleepers laid right up to the edge of the Golden Bridge

As if that wasn’t enough, on the platform the flower beds were erected waiting to be filled with soil and planted up and the car park has now acquired a pair of gates which were previously used at the crossing.

Outside of the track weekend, we must thank Pete Benson for hand- digging some open drains next to the link path, a laborious task if ever there was one. Outside contractors have also completed the oversail course on the main platform wall.

Fingers crossed, the heritage centre will be ready for the open weekend later on this year, funds permitting, so if any of you millionaires out there could anyone spare a few thousand perhaps?!

New member Duncan busy tightening fishbolts

Installing gates to the car park