The next section of track contains a number of new stations at Eskbank, Newtongrange and Gorebridge. All now have their platforms in place and will very soon see track relaid.

The last major engineering project to be started on the railway at Falahill which allows the A7 road to pass over the new solemn of the track-bed is nearing completion and has just been opened to road traffic.

Posted by: wrha | October 14, 2014

Track-laying and the northern end of the railway

With track-laying underway at the northern end of the railway, interest in the re-build seems to be growing. The track is going down at a good rate so progress can be seen every day.
The stations along the line are all taking shape and the whole line is looking more and more like a railway once more.
This review looks at the section from the start of the line at Newcraighall to the site of the old station at Eskbank.

Posted by: wrha | October 14, 2014

Railway artwork from Iain MacIntosh

Iain MacIntosh, WRHA member and former Chairman, and co-author of The Waverley Route Through Time, The Railways of Peebles Through Time and The Border Counties Railway Through Time, is producing a series of artistic works depicting Steam and Diesel workings and several of these are now available for Pre-order:
Rude Awakening,
Holm Locals in Steam
Holm Locals Sulzer
Milepost 72 1/4
Across the Border
Border Atlantic
Forthcoming works can be viewed at Iain MacIntosh Railway Artist on Facebook.
You can help out the WRHA each time you buy a print as 40% commission from each sale goes directly to aid the group’s ground works, vehicle conservation and the sourcing, conservation and the protecting of artifacts.
WAVE004000 Rude Awakening. - Low Res Copy
Rude Awakening
WAVE004001 Holm locals in Steam. - Low Res Copy
Holm Locals in Steam
WAVE004002 Holm locals Sulzer. - Low Res Copy
Holm Locals Sulzer
WAVE004003 Milepost 72 and a quarter. - Low Res Copy
Milepost 72 1/4
WAVE004010 Over the Border. - Low Res Copy
Across the Border
WAVE004012 Border Atlantic low res copy
Border Atlantic
Posted by: wrha | October 11, 2014

Whitrope 11th of October

A mainly pleasant sunny day at Whitrope, with just a couple of showers. A reasonable number of volunteers allowed a number of tasks to be undertaken.

Some pw work was done on the point-work, whilst Peter was progressing a number of drainage projects. Tom continues to refurbish the pipework for the Fowler. The opportunity was taken whilst there were plenty of people on site to get the front cowling for the Fowler out of storage and re-fit it to the engine. This helps makes the locomotive much more watertight with winter fast approaching.

Baz and Craig started work on the old Mk1 coach, applying some paint to the outside with the aim of making more aesthetically pleasing. The day also saw a good number of visitors.

Posted by: wrha | October 8, 2014

Update on works from Galashiels to Stow (part 2)

The second part of the review looks at the section from North Bowshank to Stow station. Work is stepping up to get all the track-bed completed and the photographs show that even on Sunday’s the railway is a hive of activity.

Posted by: wrha | October 6, 2014

Update on works from Galashiels to Stow (part 1)

A look at some of the on-going work between Galashiels and Stow, this first part covers the area from Galashiels to Bowshank. A number of new bridges have been constructed along this section, with most of the works now well on the way to completion.

Posted by: wrha | September 24, 2014

Galashiels Area Update

A quick look at some of the sites around the Galashiels area that have seen considerable progress since the last update.

Posted by: wrha | September 16, 2014

First section of track laid at Tweedbank

Work in the Tweedbank and Galashiels area continues a pace with the first section of track laid at Tweedbank. The point that will give access to the platforms has appeared at the station throat. Elsewhere the major project to clear the filled in cutting at Winston Road and re-instate the road bridge is nearing completion. The Redbridge is also open again as part of the public football to Tweedbank.

Posted by: wrha | September 15, 2014

Whitrope August / early September update

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, lack of internet access for a while.

Things continue to progress up the hill with the last parts of the work on the platform coming to fruition with Joe’s fence at the southern end. The platform now looks very smart and has progressed hugely through this year, well done to all the volunteers that have helped on this large project.

The pw gang have replaced two wooden sleepers near to the crossing with concretes so that the rail joint is not stressed. Their focus has now returned to the run-round loop where there are plenty of sleepers to lay and gauge up.

The Fowler continues to make steady progress, with work ongoing on the engine, body-work and the air system.

Ian is progressing the refurbishment of the Mk1 buffet with the new kitchen taking shape and the serving counter nearing completion.

Please not that there will be no more trains running at Whitrope this season as we undertake a period of staff training and work to prepare for the new running season next year, when we hope to run some big events in association with the opening of the railway to Tweedbank.

One of the last major projects to be undertaken on the Borders Railway project is the road over-bridge at Falahill which will carry the A7 over the new railway. This is a project that has been much debated and has gone through several incarnations before the final plans were approved. The project which straddles the very busy A7 has run smoothly with the minimum of disruption to traffic flows.

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