Posted by: wrha | December 14, 2014

Some Seasonal views at Whitrope

The winter has well and truly arrived at Whitrope, with a heavy fall of snow making any work outside impossible; at least that is what the pw team said before retreating to the pub!!

A couple of jobs were done inside. Davie continuing to work on some of the panels off the Fowler. Progress was also made in resolving the fuel starvation issues on the Ruston, with a faulty valve identified which may be the root cause of the issue.

A number of the regular volunteers met up in Weatherspoons in Hawick for a bite to eat and for most of us an orange juice. A chance to reflect on another year which has seen a number of major protects through to completion.

This brings an end to another busy year for the association, with a lot of progress made on site. The completion of the bay and platform structures being the most visible on the ground. There is a great deal of work ongoing with regard to paper-work and the things that go unseen, which will continue through the winter. Can I wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for all your support and messages. The association has a number of plans for the New Year so your continued support, both physical and financial is key to driving us forward towards our goals.

There will be some northern rebuild updates over the next couple of weeks but that will be it from Whitrope until the New Year.

Posted by: wrha | December 8, 2014

Stow seen end of November and in early December

A couple of sets of photos taken near the end of November then the second set in early December showing the track being laid through Stow station. In the first set the sleepers are laid out, whilst in the second the rails are also in place. The track-laying has extended beyond Stow although there has been a slight pause in track-laying activity due to an unfortunate accident involving a contractor, who received a serious leg injury. Hopefully he is making a full recovery. Track-laying is now back underway with Galashiels the next town on the map.

Posted by: wrha | December 6, 2014

Track-laying Fountainhall to Stow part 2

The track-work winds it’s way down the valley towards Stow. The track along this section is mainly single until it enters the dynamic loop just north of Stow.

Posted by: wrha | December 4, 2014

Track-laying Fountainhall to Stow part1

Sorry for the delay in getting these photographs on the blog. Some views of the railway from Fountainhall down to Stow, with a couple of shots of the southern end of Bowshank Tunnel. The track-laying continues a pace and should by the end of this year be just about complete. The only area that still does not appear to be anywhere ready for the track-work is the centre of Galashiels.

Posted by: wrha | December 1, 2014

Works Weekend 29th and 30th of November 2014

A busy weekend with a good turn out of volunteers and a welcome smattering of visitors.
The main task of the weekend was to work on the track from the level crossing to the tunnel. Work was carried out on both the main running line and what will eventually become the run-round loop and hopefully further siding space. A number of track panels were completed with track gauged and clipped. By the end of the weekend our stock of base-plates had been exhausted, so we will need to re-stock before further works can be undertaken. Most of the track is now ready for ballasting and then this section of track would be available for running. There are a number of tasks such as completing the point-rodding and installing the level crossing gates to complete before the section can be used for passengers, but real progress is being made.

Work continues on the Mk1 buffet with some more seats removed to create a clear area near the new serving counter. The target is to have the coach available for use by visitors next season. Chris continues to work on the old Mk1 coach to improve it’s external appearance.

Elsewhere work was carried out on the newly arrived dumper and a little bit of maintenance was carried out on RB004. Joe was on -site for the weekend and worked on extending the wild meadow near the footpath from the car-park to the platform.

The weather over the weekend was really kind to us and the Sunday was very nice with bright sunshine creating extremely pleasant working condition. The site will now see less activity threw the winter although volunteers will be on site most weekends as long as the weather is reasonable. Another year at Whitrope, with once again huge strides made on site and the railway continues to advance well. Thanks to everyone for their support both actually on-site or via your membership, or by visiting.

Posted by: wrha | November 25, 2014

Track Weekend

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the last track weekend of the year is scheduled for this weekend  29th and 30th of November. The weather forecast is reasonable, so all is set to go ahead as planned.

Posted by: wrha | November 13, 2014

Track-laying near Heriot

A quick up-date provided by Jim, showing the track-laying train just south of Heriot. The track-laying is now well into Scottish Borders territory. The progress down the valley will be easily view-able from the nearby A7.

Posted by: wrha | November 8, 2014

Whitrope 8th November

A good number of volunteers at Whitrope today allowed a number of jobs to be undertaken. More work was carried out on the Mk1 coach, both internally and externally. Work was done on a number of the windows to ensure that they can be operated and therefore they can be closed to keep out the weather. Tom continued work inside the coach so that it can be used as the volunteers mess area and office. This will free up the Mk1 buffet so that work can continue to get it ready for use by visitors next year. Chris applied some more paint to the outside before the weather closed in driving people inside.

Davie continues to work away on the side panels for the Fowler. A small pw team were busy carrying out work on the main-line towards the tunnel. Joe was on site working on the flower-beds on the platform, typically he was not put off by the rain, and gardened on regardless. Baz was on site in the week and the pw shed looks much tidier thanks to his efforts.

There will be a track-weekend on 29th and 30th of November with work focused on the lines towards the tunnel. It will also be a chance to continue the work on-going to ensure the site is tidy and secure before the winter weather closes in.

Posted by: wrha | November 8, 2014

Galashiels update

A quick look at the state of the railway in the centre of Galashiels. This is probably the area where there is the most amount of work to complete before the permanent way can be laid. Galashiels station is the last along the line to take shape, with nothing of the platform yet in place. When steam engines do return to the line the climb to the Glenfield Road bridge should provide some good pyrotechnics.

Posted by: wrha | November 4, 2014

A Railway Re-born (part 4)

The last of the photographs from this batch, focused around Tynehead and Falahill, with a couple from further south. The section sees the transition from laid rails to sleepers laid out, through to areas where there is still some work to do before the track-bed is ready for the track-gang. The area around Falahill which was such favourite with photographers of the old Waverley railway will soon see trains once again.

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