Posted by: wrha | November 25, 2014

Track Weekend

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the last track weekend of the year is scheduled for this weekend  29th and 30th of November. The weather forecast is reasonable, so all is set to go ahead as planned.

Posted by: wrha | November 13, 2014

Track-laying near Heriot

A quick up-date provided by Jim, showing the track-laying train just south of Heriot. The track-laying is now well into Scottish Borders territory. The progress down the valley will be easily view-able from the nearby A7.

Posted by: wrha | November 8, 2014

Whitrope 8th November

A good number of volunteers at Whitrope today allowed a number of jobs to be undertaken. More work was carried out on the Mk1 coach, both internally and externally. Work was done on a number of the windows to ensure that they can be operated and therefore they can be closed to keep out the weather. Tom continued work inside the coach so that it can be used as the volunteers mess area and office. This will free up the Mk1 buffet so that work can continue to get it ready for use by visitors next year. Chris applied some more paint to the outside before the weather closed in driving people inside.

Davie continues to work away on the side panels for the Fowler. A small pw team were busy carrying out work on the main-line towards the tunnel. Joe was on site working on the flower-beds on the platform, typically he was not put off by the rain, and gardened on regardless. Baz was on site in the week and the pw shed looks much tidier thanks to his efforts.

There will be a track-weekend on 29th and 30th of November with work focused on the lines towards the tunnel. It will also be a chance to continue the work on-going to ensure the site is tidy and secure before the winter weather closes in.

Posted by: wrha | November 8, 2014

Galashiels update

A quick look at the state of the railway in the centre of Galashiels. This is probably the area where there is the most amount of work to complete before the permanent way can be laid. Galashiels station is the last along the line to take shape, with nothing of the platform yet in place. When steam engines do return to the line the climb to the Glenfield Road bridge should provide some good pyrotechnics.

Posted by: wrha | November 4, 2014

A Railway Re-born (part 4)

The last of the photographs from this batch, focused around Tynehead and Falahill, with a couple from further south. The section sees the transition from laid rails to sleepers laid out, through to areas where there is still some work to do before the track-bed is ready for the track-gang. The area around Falahill which was such favourite with photographers of the old Waverley railway will soon see trains once again.

Posted by: wrha | November 1, 2014

A Railway Re-born (part 3)

Near the top of Borthwick bank the track-laying train sets down it’s last set of rails for the day. The train is just short of the site of Tynehead station. The track-laying is progressing at a good pace and soon the trains will be laying track alongside the Gala Water.

Posted by: wrha | October 31, 2014

A Railway Re-born (part 2)

Continuing south from Gorebridge this section covers Fushiebridge and Borthwick bank, all with rail laid, although the double track section still awaits the second set of rails laying. The section is much more rural and it is good to see the back of the large mesh fencing along this part of the railway.

Posted by: wrha | October 29, 2014

A Railway Re-born (part 1)

With the track-work now being laid at quite a pace the railway is starting to come back to life. Places that have not seen railway activity for over 40 years are once again seeing railway locomotives. The pictures in this section start at Gorebridge and work along the line to Eskbank. All this section now has rails laid and most of it has also received a first drop of ballast. It was great to see locomotives operating on the line.

Posted by: wrha | October 26, 2014

Whitrope 25th of October

A busy weekend with work done on the point rodding at Whitrope and the AGM which was held at Old Gala House in Galashiels. The two large and very heavy concrete blocks that will support the angle cranks for the point rodding were put in place. The second compensator bench was put in place and most of the rodding runs were completed. There is still a number of jobs to do but the rodding runs are very much taking shape.
The AGM was held in the very pleasant surroundings of Old Gala House and the minutes of the meeting will be available to members shortly.

The two compensator benches in position. The point rodding is coming on well.

The two compensator benches in position. The point rodding is coming on well.

The two large concrete block and joining timber in place. The cranks are currently loosely in position.

The two large concrete block and joining timber in place. The cranks are currently loosely in position.

The next section of track contains a number of new stations at Eskbank, Newtongrange and Gorebridge. All now have their platforms in place and will very soon see track relaid.

The last major engineering project to be started on the railway at Falahill which allows the A7 road to pass over the new solemn of the track-bed is nearing completion and has just been opened to road traffic.

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